Miv Evans is the Founder and Director.  She's British and now lives in Los Angeles.  She's an Entertainment Journalist and has had 300+ film reviews published.  She says she doesn't miss the UK rain at all and admits to being a really bad driver.  

Chloe De Vries is the Creative Director.  She's a Seattle native and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Entertainment Media.  She loves all stereotypical Pacific outdoor activities and doesn't miss the rain either. 

Hayley Kepchar is the Blog Writer.  She's originally from Connecticut and graduated from Boston University with a degree in Film & TV.  She aspires to be a TV writer and has recently become a crazy cat lady.


When we've watched the trailers we send them to....

Judge Marco is a New Yorker who has produced hundreds of hours of TV forTelemundo and is  on the SAG Voting Committee

Judge Inez is  a New Yorker, USC graduate, successful busineswoman and she creates comic  book characters.

Judge Brian is a Washington transplant, a Microsoft engineer by day and a walking IMDB encyclopaedia by night.

Judge Kendall is a Chapman graduate and actor whose charismatic good looks have earned him the title 'the next Al Pacino'.

Judge Louisa is an MO transplant and veteran actor who you may have seen in Shameless, Pretty Little Liars and many, many more.