Q: When will submissions open?

A: October 9, 2019

Q: When is the deadline?

A: April 9, 2020

Q: Is there a maximum/minimum trailer length?

A: There’s no minimum but maximum length is 3 minutes.  However, any length will be reviewed but we would ask you to make cuts if your project is selected.

Q: How much are the submission fees?

A: $25, $35 and $50.

Q:Can I submit my complete short film if it’s 3 minutes or less?

A: Yes.  We will review short films up to 5 minutes in length.   Longer than that, you will need to create a  trailer.

Q: Will short films be considered for the actual event?

A: Yes. We will play a series of short films when the audience is arriving, before the trailers are screened.

Q: Will there be a festival program?

A: Yes, and this will include ALL the selected trailers. 


Q: How many submissions can I make?

A: Unlimited.


Q: Can I submit on any of the social media sites?

A: No.  You can only submit here on our website.


Q: Where will the festival be held?

A: In a private screening room in Beverly Hills.


Q: Can filmmakers attend?

A: No. The event is exclusively for the film industry.

Q: Why?

A: We don’t want filmmakers to take up seats that could be filled by a buyer.      


Q: How does your submission process work?

A: We have 5 judges who watch ALL the submissions and vote yes or no.  At the end of the submission process, the top 70 trailers are selected.


Q: Do all the trailers get screened at the event?

A: No.  We screen 25 at the event.  The rest will be in an online screening room.


Q: Will they be the 25 projects with the most votes?

A: No.  We would want to show samples of all genres for all formats.


Q: Do I have a better chance of selling my project if it’s featured in the actual festival?

A: No.  Everyone will watch everything at the festival.  After this, we will match industry requirements with specific projects. See next question.  

Q: How is the online screening room presented?

A: Trailers for completed films are in a different section to the trailers for scripts.  TV is separate to film.  Shorts are separate to features.  The industry need to access what they want to see as quickly as possible.   


Q: How long will the online screening room be available?

A: For a month after the event.


Q: Will you be actively contacting producers, distributors and

studio execs curing that time?

A: Yes.


Q: If my film has been screened in another festival, can I still submit?

A: Yes. 


Q: If my film has been sold , can I still submit?

A: No.


Q: If my film has distribution, can I submit?

A: No.

Q: If my script has been optioned, can I submit?

A: No.


Q: Can I include credits on my trailer?

A: For the submission process, yes, but if your trailer is selected, we would ask that only the title is included.

Q: Why?

A: Credits slow the process down.  Plus, unless there is a ‘name’ attached, it’s irrelevant at this stage.

Q: Do I deal directly with the person who has made a request to read my script or watch my film?

A: That would be their choice. Generally, they would want to work via our office.   We also have access to a literary manager who could submit on your behalf if needed.

Q: Would the Trailer Film Festival be involved in any sale or production?

A: No, We are here simply to connect A to B. However, we would like to receive a ‘With thanks’ in the credits.

Q: If I need a lawyer, would you be able to provide one?

A: No, but we would be happy to offer direction.


Q: I only have a script, not a trailer.  Can I submit?

A: Yes.  Scripts will be read and if they receive a ‘Reader Recommend’ we will include it in the ‘Scripts Only’ section of the screening room.

Q: Can I use music in my trailer for which I do not own copyright?

A:It's a private screening with no tickets sales so yes, you can. But please note, recognizable music can be distracting.