A Most Beautiful Thing (completed documentary) 50 Eggs Films [USA]

A Spark In Nothing (completed film) Griffin Loch [USA]

Acquainted (completed drama film) Aidan Kahn [Canada]

Across Borders (completed short documentary) Barry Rosenthal [USA]

A Light in the Slaughterhouse (documentary in production) James Lingwood [Australia]]

All Hale (script for comedy screenplay) Vajra Hodges [USA]

Amerikafo (script for screenplay) Sean Addo [USA]

Angel of Rain (concept for action screenplay) Lawrence Kennon

Big Boys Don't Cry (completed drama film) Martin Glew [UK]

Big City Bad Blood (script for action screenplay) Mike Leber [USA]

Big T (script for TV show) Brenda Ray [USA]

Black Forest Witch (completed TV pilot) Sven Eric [Germany]

Black Salt (completed short film) Owen Ratliff [USA] 

Brighton (completed comedy film) Stephen Cookson [UK]

Danger Boyz (completed TV pilot) Kwan Barton

Darkness in Tenement 45 (completed thriller film) Nicole Groton [USA]

Divorce School (completed TV Pilot) Julie Zelman, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld [USA]

Do It Scared (screenplay) Rosemary Marks [USA]

Down the Caravan (completed TV pilot) Jerry Lockette [UK]

Eve (completed thriller film) Daniel Klotzek

Everything: The Real Thing (completed documentary) Martin Glew (UK)

Expedition Sierra (completed short) Brice Lava [France]

Fade In (treatment for Reality show) Nicole Connors [US]

Fauk my Life (completed TV show) Stephanie Neroes

Feast Your Ears (completed documentary) Jay Schlossberg [USA]

Fish Eye (completed short film) Colin Parker

Fredda Buttler and the Left-Handed People (book trailer) Claudia Manske [USA]

Glavu (completed documentary) Garon Campbell

Headcleaner (completed short) Nick Scott

Highbread C'est La Weed (completed TV pilot) Jaidka Jadesh

Hotel Bleu (completed short film) Bethany Jacobson

How Am I Doing (completed TV pilot) Jennifer Plotzke [USA]

Illumi Natalie (script for TV pilot) Nic Greco

Juvenile Delinquents (completed drama film) Neil Goss [Australia]

Keep Mum (short) Luana Di Pasquale [UK]

Love Thy Neighbour (screenplay) Catherine Levi [Australia]

Mambo Man (completed drama film) Zadoc Nava [UK]

Marsha! (completed short) Aidan Kahn, [Canada]

Me Tambien/Me Too (completed drama short) Valeria Vallejos [France]

Miracle in the Desert (completed documentary) Greg Bassenian

Miss Her (completed drama film) Adad Warda [USA]

Motif (completed thriller film) Mo Bahir [Malaysia]

Night Rain (completed film) Jeanne Marie Spicuzza, [USA]

Nomad Cowboys (completed documentary) Aidan Kahn [Canada]

Old Town Tales (feature horror film) Aissa Biammi [Germany]

Out of Malibu (completed documentary) Benjamin Pollack [USA]

Postmen (script for action comedy screenplay) Jason Green

Red Tag (script for screenplay) Shane McCabe, Jordan-Lee McGrath [USA]

Sentenced with Mandela (completed documentary) Marion Edmunds [South Africa]

Singing Wise Guy (treatment for documentary) Martin Waterman [Canada]

Sky City Haya (completed TV show) Adad Warda

Slava's Journey - Secrets of Snow (completed TV movie/documentary) Steve Haisman [UK]

Snowflakes (completed short film) Faye Jackson [UK]

Sponsored (completed short film) Charlana Brown [USA]

Stand up Fall Down (treatment for documentary) Jessica lawson

Stolen Season (completed film) Pascal Payant [Canada] 

Strangers to the World (completed drama) Jannine Barnes [Australia]

Surviving Confession (completed comedy film) Matthew Tibbenham [UK]

#Swiperight (completed horror film) Jane Sanger [UK]

Taking Back Justice (completed episodes for Reality) Martin Waterman [Canada]

Tell me Why (script) Diney Bindman [UK]

The Assassin Factory (script for action screenplay) Adam Crow [UK]

The Case of the Dead Deadman (completed film) Pavel Smidmajer [Czech Republic]

The Creepy Line (completed documentary) Michelle Taylor [USA]

The Girl Who Wore Freedom (completed documentary) Christian Taylor [USA]

The Incoherents (completed comedy film) Jared Barel

The Nocnitsa (completed short film) Andy Taylor [UK]

The Princess and the Falcon (script for short animation) Matt Hutchings

The Real Thing (completed documentary) Martin Glew [UK]

The Singing Wiseguy (treatment for documentary) Martin Waterman [Canada]

The Unlit (completed film) Kate Whitbread [Australia]

TMI (completed TV pilot) Glenn Ripps [USA]

TyHa'an (treatment for animation film) Julian Tewkesbury [UK]

Verified (completed Pilot Script) Toniche Wallace [UK] 

Wade in the Water (completed film) Reflect Entertainment [USA]

We All Think We're Special (completed thriller film) Kirby Voss [USA]

Wellness (completed TV pilot) Leah Mallen [Canada]

When The Train Stops (completed short drama) Lisa Hansell [USA]

Why Can't I Be Me? Around you (completed documentary) Harrod Blank

"Why Farrells?" (treatment for documentary) Jason Cusato

Wild & Free (script for drama screenplay) Brenda Ray [USA]

Yesterday was a Lie (completed thriller film) James Kerwin


Alone With Her Dreams (completed film) House of Film

Ancestral World (completed film) Wonderphil Entertainment

At the Frontera (completed drama film) Adler & Associates

Bluegrass Spirits (completed film) Wonderphil Entertainment

Chasing Shadows (completed film) Global Genesis Group

Children of Summer (completed film) House of Film

Children of the Storm (completed film) House of Film

Crossroads (completed film) House of Film

Danger Diva (completed film) Adler & Associates

Don't Shoot the Messenger (completed film) Global Genesis Group

Drastic Measures (completed film) Adler & Associates

Lone Wolves (completed film) House of Film

Lost Kiddy Found (completed film) Adler & Associates

Norman (completed film) Safier Entertainment 

Manipulated (completed film) Safier Entertainment

Perfectly Frank (completed film) Global Genesis Group

Prodigal (completed film) Global Genesis Group

Quest (completed film) Safier Entertainment

The Golden Age (completed drama film ) Adler & Associates

The Temptress (completed film) Adler & Associates

Troll (completed film) Global Genesis Group

Unprescribed (completed film) Wonderphil Entertainment

Wally Got Wasted (completed film) Wonderphil Entertainment

Yes (completed film) Safier Entertainment

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