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If selected for the festival, filmmakers must supply deliverable within 14 days of the request and must adhere to all festival rules.  These include but are not limited to the removal of ALL credits, logos, festival awards/laurels and text.  Only the title is to remain unless expressly requested by the Trailer Film Festival.  If this procedure is not carried out to the Trailer Film Festival's specifications, we reserve the right to edit files for the purpose o presentation.  This includes the removal of aforementioned credits, logos, festival awards/laurels and text.


Filmmakers must have world rights for their projects.  Projects can be screened at other festivals and promotional events.  Projections that are or have been self-distributed are eligible as world rights are retained.  If you choose to provide the Trailer Film Festival with still images from your trailer, we reserve the right to use those images for any promotion we see fit. 

There are no refunds under any circumstances for Trailer Film Festival submissions.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns at admin@thetrailerfilmfestival.com 

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